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Fight or Flight…no, fight to fly!

June 27, 2010

When faced with a difficult situation we rely on our bodies to react with our fight or flight response.  In some cases, it’s best to defend ourselves against whatever is attacking and in some cases it makes sense to run away.  In an aviation competition, one can only hope that the will is there to fight in order to take flight.  That’s what Heather and I experienced during our race.  Many people have asked if we ever got to the point where we just thought of giving up…and I can honestly say, no, we never did…it just wasn’t an option.

We were very realistic about our situation though….and knew that there might come a time when we were beyond the point where we could complete the race.  We just refused to believe that time had yet come….and we were right.  So far we’ve let you know about the challenges we faced through Wednesday night, so I want to be sure we give you a bit of the “race” commentary as well.

When we returned to our hotel after the “return to service” flight, we now knew we had to make the most of the next two days.  A big factor that we had no control over would be weather.  We took a look at the 24 hour and 48 hour prog charts (prognostication charts….that look 24 and 48 hours into the future as to what weather will look like.)  They looked favorable, and we knew we would have a chance.

It was late.  We were tired.  We had already made detailed plans for the next two legs (the ones we thought we would be flying on Tuesday,) so we decided to get some sleep and figured we would plan the next legs while en route.

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