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Ladies….start your engines…

June 23, 2010

Before the sun had a chance to get up, Heather and I were already at our computers checking weather and making final plans for our first flight from Ft. Myers, FL to Waycross, GA.  Downstairs, 100+ women were gathering for breakfast and a final weather briefing before heading to the airport and to our planes.  Baggage was put on board, preflight’s were completed, well-wishes were made to the other teams before getting into the plane.

The weather was clear and promised favorable conditions for at least 4 legs of the race.  That’s a fairly aggressive schedule to keep – but depending on your speed, and how long you stop, you just might make it.  The planes were lined up in numerical order and taxied one after the other, waiting for the tower to release you.  Stopwatches were clicked as we rolled or flew past the timing line starting the “race” portion of the leg.  We were off!

The planes all head in the same direction – the objective, of course, get from point A to point B ASAP!  We did our best and kept in touch with other racers on a common frequency that had us identify our distance from our next location.  Lots of traffic – and our heads were constantly swiveling to see who was wear.  Enroute, we passed by Jumbolair Aviation Estates….home of the largest licensed, paved and lighted private airport in America.  I believe this is the home of John Travolta.

As we came in to Waycross we descended to 300′ at full power as we did a fly by past the timing line where the judges record your time – hours, minutes and seconds!  Then it’s climbing to pattern altitude and entering the pattern to land….but only when no one is coming in for a fly by!

The wonderful people at Waycross had food and beverages for us and a little boy immediately came up to me with a list of the racers, eagerly asked my team number, flipped to the page and asked me to sign!  We fueled up, and fueled the plane…and headed out again…..

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  1. Ken permalink
    June 23, 2010 1:24 am

    I saw you flying over a couple swamps on the way. In Florida, they have hungry gators in there. Glad you made it.

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