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R&R then R!

June 21, 2010

That stands for Rest and relaxation, then RACE!

We took a little time yesterday to get away from the race mentality and restore our energy with a visit to Sanibel Island.  After a morning of meetings and a strategy session over lunch, we headed out for a quick dip in the ocean.  We knew we couldn’t take a long time, but felt it was important to our mental health to slow the pace a bit while we could.

A weather front was moving in quickly so we only had a few minutes to enjoy the warm ocean water – but it did the trick!  On our trip back to the hotel, the skies opened up and the rain poured.  A quick stop for some food basics at the store and we were back to our room to get ready for the Start Banquet.

The evening was lovely and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the teams at our table.  Good food and good conversation were topped by the presentation of each team with the 2010 Air Race Charm.  Finally, we were treated to a live performance by an Air Racer who, at a previous race, had written a song about the race.  She preformed a moving rendition that caused past racers to tear-up.

For Heather and I the evening didn’t stop there.  Having put the Rest and Relaxation part into action, we now had to get into Race mode.  We spent the next several hours in a focused and determined state of race preparation.  This morning we’re refreshed and ready for the many meetings and briefings we face.

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