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Lighten Up!

June 21, 2010

Today we’ve been in meetings since 8 a.m.  Every meeting ran late until our weather briefing where our leader told us “the meeting is scheduled for an hour, but an outlook briefing only takes about 1o minutes.”  25 minutes later we were released – though first time racers were due back at 2 p.m.  We had a little less than 90 minutes and so we were off and running.

Late last night (after a middle of the night planning session) we both spent time re-packing for the race.  That is, what could we do to lighten the load in the airplane?  For those of you who have followed us from the beginning – weight is not our friend when we’re looking to carry fuel and/or gain airspeed.  We did our part in losing weight to gain the fuel we would need.  We also made a conservative assignment as to how much weight each of us could bring on board.  I was limited to 50 lbs., Heather was allowed slightly more as she was taking care of our emergency kit, cleaning supplies, and the majority of the “flight bag” necessities.

Earlier in the blog I told how I had weighed all the bags I brought with me to Florida…and it totaled 45 lbs.  Today I packed over HALF the stuff I brought to Florida, along with Heather’s “extra” stuff, and shipped a 71 lb. box Fed Ex to Frederick.  We’re pleased to see so much stuff go away… and we’re happy with our decision to at least have SOME clean clothes with us for the trip.  We’ll see how we fare through the first few legs.

Now we have some last-minute details to finish up here in Ft. Myers, some further review of our flight plan for tomorrow, and a discussion about weather with Uncle Bruce later today.

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