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Classic #29

June 14, 2010

Heather headed out to the airport today to apply the race numbers and turn her, officially, into Classic #29!  These numbers are 18 inches high and require 3 inches of one color (in our case, black) surrounded by 2 inches of a contrasting color (in our case, white.)  The numbers must be applied to both sides of the aircraft.  Many teams will place the numbers on the vertical fin – you know, the part that sticks up at the back of the plane – but on a Piper Warrior such as we’re flying, that surface is corrugated – and the numbers would not stick properly.

Therefore….. we place the #29 on the front end, or cowl, of the aircraft as shown below.  Here you see Heather and Pete (our Ace mechanic at KMMK) applying the vinyl: (Our good friend and fellow aviator, Rick B. was on hand to provide “artwork” for us!)

Pete assisted Heather by making the necessary cuts through the vinyl numbers to allow access to the engine.  Placing the numbers on the plane now allows Heather to see if there’s any issues with the numbers as far as stickability (not sure that’s a word…but it sounds like what I’m trying to say,) friction and access for pre-flight.  If anything is less than perfect, we’ll have time to take corrective action in Florida.  (By the way – thanks to Kathleen V. for that tip!)

These numbers are used by the timing officials when we make a timing run (fly-by) to “stop the clock” at the checkpoints.  Some planes will continue on to the next leg without stopping for fuel, but N6908B will require a fuel stop at each checkpoint.  Timing starts when you take off (at a certain point during the roll out on the runway) and stops when you do your timing run.  This way, a team isn’t penalized for the time it takes to enter the pattern, land, taxi and refuel. 

Well….it looks like Bravoski is all dressed and ready to take off tomorrow morning!  Safe travels Heather, I’ll see you in a few days!

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